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St John's has a thriving academic community, with a large number of researchers based at the College.

We're recognised for our research, we're known for supporting students, financially and otherwise, and there's a busy schedule of clubs, activities and social life.

There's also a wide range of facilities and services available to Fellows, staff and students, including a library that is open for members to use 24 hours a day.

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Art, Applied Arts and Photography

The competition is open to all Junior Members of the College and entries are normally accepted at the beginning of the Easter...


Academic life


Four St John's College students have been awarded prizes by the University or other academic institutions thanks to their excellent work and achievements: James Devine-Stoneman, Minaam Abbas, Tanmay Dixit, and Caroline Soderman.James Devine-Stoneman...
Our beloved College of St John the Evangelist came into legal being on 9 April 1511 as the result of the expressed intentions of Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, the mother of King Henry VII. Lady Margaret had died in 1509 and...
A new study into an ancient sea worm called Oesia offers clues about a common ancestor which they shared with vertebrates, including humans, while also showing that the worms inhabited tube-like “dwellings” on the sea bed. The research is co-...
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