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Most people have by now come across the concept of Climate Change and indeed most people do consider sustainability in their home life when they recycle, compost, buy Fairtrade and switch their lights off. The next step is very simple: to bring this same mindset into the College.

St John’s College has committed significant resources in a variety of environmental areas over recent years with a great deal of success. See the environmental timeline for various environmental milestones in the College. These initiatives include measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), improve recycling (see College recycling points), and reduce water consumption.

The College has an environmental policy which seeks to direct College activities towards a sustainable approach. Our Environment Committee was established in 2007 and reports to Council on a regular basis to ensure sustainability is a proactive and continually improving aspect of the College.

If you have any environmental suggestions or would like to discuss sustainability at St John’s College more generally, please contact Mark Wells on m.n.wells@joh.cam.ac.uk.