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Environmental policy

St John’s College recognises the potential negative impact of its activities on the wider shared environment and seeks to minimise this impact to the lowest possible level, whilst not exceeding excessive cost. St John’s College realises that sustainability is not a one-time organisational initiative but a deep-rooted outlook for the wellbeing of future generations. The College will therefore seek to continually improve its environmental performance and will routinely review its progress, and this policy, to position itself at the forefront of responsible environmental practice.

St John’s College will comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation and will actively promote environmentally conscious behaviour from all members of College staff, students, Fellows and guests. The College will continue to manage environmental initiatives and report to the Council through the Environmental Committee. Implementation of initiatives will be through existing College structures and relevant Committees where possible.

Whilst considering all areas, the College will place particular emphasis on the following key topics:

Energy and Water Consumption

St John’s College will take steps to inform itself of excessive consumption in all areas and implement measures to mitigate this where practicably possible. The College will actively pursue all energy and water reduction initiatives that are deemed practical to implement and economically viable. The College will incorporate energy and water efficient measures into its long-term strategic development. Whilst not practical at this stage, the College does recognise the benefits of setting realistic targets. The College will announce such reduction targets at the earliest possible time.

Recycling and Waste Management

Where practicably possible, St John’s College will seek to divert waste from entering landfill by following the widely recognised Waste Hierarchy. It will look to reduce the amount of potential waste entering the College system (by purchasing items with reduced packaging), re-use items at all opportunities (utilising such schemes as composting), recycle unwanted waste (by correctly segregating waste into relevant streams), and only as a genuine last resort should waste be destined for landfill. The College will responsibly dispose of white goods, electrical appliances and IT equipment, in accordance with current legislation.

Sustainable Procurement

St John’s College will promote a purchasing policy that gives preference for goods and services from environmentally friendly sources, should this be considered economically competitive. This will maximise the use of local business to reduce harmful emissions from excessive transport. The College will mitigate the use of hazardous substances in line with current legislation.


St John’s College will take steps to promote the use of environmentally friendly transport, both for business use and commuting to work/study. This will include encouragement for public transport, cycling, and a reduction in the use of College vehicles.