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Prisoner and prison officer
25 April 2016
A highly innovative project in which Cambridge students and prisoners studied together at a Category B prison in Buckinghamshire has broken down prejudices and created new possibilities for all of those who took part. "Learning Together" was co-created by Dr Ruth Armstrong, a Research Associate at St John's.The wealth of untapped academic talent inside the...
18 April 2016
The Cripps Building at St John’s has won two Awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in recognition of its architectural excellence and contribution to society.The Cripps Building has received a A RIBA East Award and a special RIBA East Conservation Award following a ceremony at St John’s College on Thursday.Cripps was opened in 1967...
14 April 2016
College Fellow, Dr Jason Robinson, is one of the lead researchers on a new project which aims to establish the UK as an international leader in the development of “superconducting spintronics” – technology that could significantly increase the energy-efficiency of data centres and high-performance computing.
Students on the Backs at St John's
13 April 2016
Two new major financial support initiatives for students at St John's have been announced. "Studentships" will fund the living costs of students from lower-income families, while a scheme of summer bursaries will help a wider range of undergraduates undertake educational activities and pursue career opportunities during the summer vacation.St John's College...
12 April 2016
St John’s College, University of Cambridge, has visited more than 1,200 pupils from state schools across the North West in its largest push to date to encourage bright students from the area to apply to top universities.A team of current undergraduates, academics and staff from St John’s College, Cambridge, has toured schools in a first-of-its-kind...
6 April 2016
The debut play of actor and playwright, Charlotte Hamblin, is to run at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London this June.Charlotte, who will also perform in the play, studied Education with English and Drama, graduating from the College in 2013.  During her time at John’s she was a member of the Footlights and an active participant in the Cambridge...
29 March 2016
The boys in light blue claimed victory over Oxford by two-and-a-half lengths in the 162nd Boat Race on Sunday, with the women valiantly battling on to the finish line despite the choppy waters of the Thames almost sinking their boat. Both teams featured members of St John's.The Boat Race 2016 drew huge crowds to the banks of the Thames in West London where...
24 March 2016
Researchers in the group of St John's Fellow, Professor Richard Friend, have found that perovskite materials can recycle light particles – a finding which could lead to a new generation of affordable, high-performance solar cells.
Dark field light microscopy picture of a 40 nm thick electrodeposited TiO2 layer
21 March 2016
St John’s student Katarzyna Sokol has been awarded second place in her group in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Science Photography Competition 2015.
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