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One of the most distinctive characteristics of Cambridge courses is that they cover their subjects very broadly in the initial years and then become more specialised and offer a wide range of options in the later years.

Cambridge graduates are expected to achieve the same standard and depth in their final year as graduates from courses elsewhere which have a narrower or more specialised scope. This is because:

  • we start with some of the ablest students
  • we provide them with some of the best teaching and learning facilities
  • we work them hard.

Generally speaking our minimum conditional offer is A*AA at A2 for Arts subjects and A*A*A at A2 for Sciences (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking).

Exact requirements may vary between courses and you should review the information contained in the relevant subject page below.

Subject information

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The courses offered by the University offer a tough challenge, but one most of our students relish. We demand a lot, but we give a lot too: expert teachers and lecturers; good library and computing facilities; superb labs; lots of support.

Most students take successive parts of the same Tripos. However it is possible to change Tripos after Part I or Part IA. Most changes are between related fields: within the science areas or within the arts, but switching between broad areas is also possible, and a wide range of subject combinations is therefore available. There is a surprising degree of flexibility, but you will need the agreement of your Director of Studies that any change is in your educational interests, and that you have the necessary background in the subject to which you wish to change.


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